Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blood Beyond The Abyss by David Mauldin 5/5 star review

From Amazon:

With the grid down, violence and anarchy spreads across the country as the world economy collapses and the US defaults on its debts. In Atlanta, a young man's family is murdered and he is left for dead. As he recovers and begins a new life in the mountains, a renegade general attempts to overthrow the US government, and the nation is pushed to the brink of civil war.

My thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this sequel to The Second Layer of Hell. The author, David Mauldin, is growing in leaps and bounds as a writer. It wasn't just the characters that drew me in. Mauldin painted a picture of north Georgia that has me wanting to pack up and move - tomorrow. His detailed and realistic description of just how tough life could get without all our modern conveniences is on one hand terrifying, but on the other, there is a wistfulness for a more simple life and the close, tight knit relationships that can develop under such circumstances. With danger and death lurking behind every tree, you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough. Count me in on the next novel in this series!

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