Friday, July 20, 2012

A Dark Wind of Vengeance by David Mauldin  5/5 star review


With the grid down and the US government under military rule for the first time in history, the government fights the militia movement for control of the major cities as a key army general defects to the militia. Events spiral out of control as a young woman sets a deadly series of events into motion in her quest for revenge against an unelected and illegal government.

My thoughts:

I didn't believe it was possible, but I enjoyed this third novel in the Path of Survival series even more than the first two. David Mauldin's characters have become my friends, my family, my neighbors across the street, and the scary strangers my parents warned me about. They are that real. They are good guys who sometimes do bad things and bad guys that sometimes do good things, all in a realistic struggle for survival. There is plenty of action to keep you turning the pages late into the night. Morning will find you exhausted but still searching the internet with a sense of urgency for guns, ammo, and books on survival. I hear there is more to come from this author, and I for one, can hardly wait.