Friday, May 25, 2012

The Second Layer of Hell by David Mauldin - 5/5 Stars Review


Massive hurricanes strike the Gulf and East coast of the U.S. and a devastating terrorist attack soon follows. As the economy falters and the grid collapses, a young family escapes to their cabin in the mountains as the world around them explodes into chaos and violence.

My thoughts:

This apocalyptic novel was not only captivating, it was scary as hell. The plot was well thought out and extremely realistic. It was so believable that I immediately started checking off my list of emergency supplies. The scariest thing about it though, was just how easy it could happen, not in the distant future, but at any moment.

The characters were well developed and very likable (or unlikable as the case may be). I even fell in love with the location. Could the novel have been better written? Yes it could. The author did more telling than showing, but the story was strong enough to keep me enthralled from beginning to end. As this author’s writing matures, I believe he will become a major contender, and I look forward to his next novel.